Since I started my Virtual Assistant business a couple of months ago, I’ve been asked by friends and family members about what it is I actually do for my clients, and how I manage my time. So, here’s some insight into a typical day at VP HQ and the types of tasks I complete…

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A day in the life 


A quick check of my inbox to see if anything urgent has come in overnight. All looks well so emails can wait until I start my day as planned at 9.00am. Time to get the little ones fed and dressed before they head off to nursery


Spend 15 mins catching up with emails that have arrived overnight. Those from clients requiring focused time are scheduled for later in the day or week, based on their contents.


The first batch of client work for this morning is researching flight and hotel options for an overseas meeting taking place next month. Once this information is forwarded on to my client, my focus switches to chasing responses to a series of meetings I’ve been working on and liaising with multiple PAs to finalise arrangements. An hour and a half flies by before I hit stop on the time tracker.


Time for a quick cuppa and scan of my social media accounts, responding to anyone who’s been kind enough to comment on my posts, and sharing any interesting content.


I’ve put thirty minutes of prep aside for a call with a prospective client scheduled for later today. A quick check of their website and social media accounts gives me a good idea of what their business (and they) are about, and I jot down some points to discuss on the call.


A 20-minute call with one of my lovely clients who would like help arranging a series of birthday celebrations in three months’ time. Following the call, I spend a few minutes allocating the research tasks to my diary and send the client a quick email summarising our discussion and confirming what I will be working on and relevant deadlines.


I can’t avoid the dogs’ glares any longer so time to stretch their legs (and mine) with a brisk walk around the park. Enough time to make a quick bite to eat and see to a few personal emails before getting on with my next task.


I’m working on a data clean-up project for a client who’s in the process of transitioning to a CRM (customer relationship management) system. I’m approaching it in bitesize chunks to ensure I stay focused and my work accurate.


After almost 3 hours of screen time it’s time for a quick break and to prepare for my prospective client call. We’ve opted to use Zoom so we can chat face-to-face, so I make sure I’m online and ready to go a few minutes ahead of schedule.


The prospective client meeting goes well and after 40 minutes of talking things through, I have a thorough understanding of what support the client is looking for and where I can add value. Sounds as though there will be a nice mix of work including diary management, assistance with travel planning, social media scheduling and the opportunity to get involved in running some events – all right up my street so fingers crossed they sign! Once I’ve typed up and sent the notes from our call I have another quick check of social media and then log off.



One more quick stroll for the dogs before nursery pick up and the chaos of life with a 10-month-old and four-year-old resumes…


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If you’re thinking of hiring a Virtual Assistant for these types of tasks please do get in touch to see how I could help you.