If working through a global pandemic has achieved anything positive, it’s to show how transformative technology can be in the business world. In 2020, we all had to adapt our ways of working to operate within the restrictions inflicted by Covid-19. As a result, even the most technology-averse businesses have had to bite the bullet and use apps and online tools in ways they would never before have imagined possible.

Now we’ve started using technology in a smarter way, we’ve realised how it can make our working lives so much easier. So, for anyone looking to expand their repertoire of online tools in 2021, we’ve summarised some of our favourites here.


10 of the best online tools for business


  1. Effortless password management from LastPass

Longer passwords are more secure than shorter passwords. Using a mix of letters, numbers and special characters is also best practice. Don’t forget, you should also have a unique password for every login. How are you meant to remember it all? That’s where LastPass comes to the rescue by securely storing your login information for all the websites you use.

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  1. DIY graphic design from Canva 

Canva is an online, one-stop-shop for everything graphic design. You’ll find fully customisable designs for newsletters, eBooks and reports and perfectly proportioned templates for social media graphics and promotional flyers. If you’re a beginner, fear not, it’s easy to use and there are enough options to get you started in the free version. For those with design skills or who want to flex some creative muscle, we love the pro version at Virtually Priceless.

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  1. Online accounting software from FreeAgent

Have you outgrown the spreadsheet that you’ve now been using for years to log invoices and expenditure? For businesses that don’t have a finance department, the constant battle to log, track and chase invoices and receipts can feel relentless. FreeAgent is an easy-to-use online bookkeeping solution. And if you have a NatWest business account, it’s free.

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  1. Easy time recording from MinuteDock

You’ve finished work for the day, shut down your computer, and mentally you have a glass of wine in hand about to press play on your current Netflix obsession. And then you remember you’ve forgotten to log the last few hours of activity on a timesheet. MinuteDock gets rid of that sinking feeling. It does all the work for you by tracking your time as you work. You can also use it to auto-generate accurate invoices.

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  1. Insightful editing support from Grammarly

Ever wished you could have a second pair of eyes review an email before your press send? Or to review a blog post for typos before you hit publish? This is where Grammarly helps. It’s a browser extension that gives you a personal AI writing assistant that checks your work for easy-to-miss errors. It also provides constructive ideas on how you can improve a piece of writing.

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  1. Convenient project management from Asana

Not being in the office is no longer an excuse to miss a deadline. If you have employees working from home at the moment, Asana provides an easy way for remote or virtual teams to collaborate, organise projects and delegate tasks.

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  1. Organised content planning from SmarterQueue

There are lots of different views on what makes an effective social media strategy. But one thing that the experts agree on is the need to show up consistently and frequently. This takes time and commitment. SmarterQueue makes social media posting more manageable. Design multiple posts in bulk. Find extra content to share using the search function. Then use the app to create a queue of posts all scheduled to publish at the peak time for your audience.

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  1. Hassle-free diary management from Doodle

How many emails does it take to organise a meeting of five people? Unfortunately, this is no joke. The process often starts out as a guessing game and eventually ends in confusion with at least a couple of disgruntled attendees. Doodle allows you to juggle multiple diaries and arrange meetings without the relentless back-and-forth of emails.

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  1. High quality stock images from Unsplash

For high quality images, Unsplash offers great variety, a user-friendly search facility and the freedom to download without restriction. A link with a credit for the photographer is appreciated, but they don’t make it essential.

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  1. Your own virtual private network from Nord VPN

Do you send emails, shop online, browse social media, and access your bank accounts when you’re out-and-about? A Virtual Private network such as Nord VPN hides all of your personal information when you access the internet using a public WiFi connection.

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Pick Our Brains

All of the online tools mentioned in this blog post are apps and software that we’ve found useful in our work for clients. If you would like to discuss how we could help you to implement them for your business, book a consultation to find out more.

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