Running my own Virtual Assistant business means I am, of course, a huge advocate of outsourcing.  Within my own business and in my personal life I pay for support in several areas. I genuinely couldn’t manage all the plates I spin without this help.

But working with a Virtual Assistant certainly isn’t for everyone.  If you’re considering the VA option, read on for my top ten reasons you may NOT need a VA before you make your decision.


1. You don’t like to delegate

Perhaps you would prefer to work 50+ hours a week managing your business alone, in which case a VA probably isn’t for you.  Even if you decide to give a VA a try, you’ll probably still micro-manage them and won’t reap the true value they can provide.  So why bother in the first place, right?


2. You’re not looking to grow your business

If you’re happy with where you’re at and can survive on your current income, you may not want to expand.  Therefore, a VA who frees up time that will allow you to focus on the all-important marketing and sales aspects of your company would be unnecessary.


3. You enjoy tasks others often find mundane

You know, things like processing your expenses; filtering the junk out of your inbox; adding client information to your CRM system; creating graphics for your social media posts, trawling the internet to curate content ideas; researching travel options and so on.  Most people would happily pass on any one of these tasks but if they excite you AND you have the time to do them while running a super-successful business then go for it.


4. You don’t want to spend extra time with family

Maybe you already have a great work-life balance and feel you spend enough time with your loved ones.  Or you are quite happy to catch up with work all weekend while they socialise or chill out at home.  You definitely don’t want a VA to allow you the time and space to relax and have your own downtime.


5. You’d rather employ someone

If you don’t want to miss out on paying someone for time off sick and on holiday, contribute towards their pension, provide them with training and equipment then you shouldn’t use a VA who charges for none of these.


6. You work better alone

You probably don’t want anyone to have your back or suggest ways in which they could help you better manage your business.  Also, you won’t want them to act as a sounding board for some of your ideas so managing by yourself is the way forward.  It’s unlikely you’ll ever want to take a holiday and leave your business in the capable hands of someone who can keep things ticking over for you anyway.


7. You’re an expert

If you are fortunate enough to be an administrative ninja as well as a highly successful [insert whatever it is that you do within your business] you are unlikely to need any help from a professional PA.  Even if they do have years of experience helping people just like you.


8. Your clients receive enough attention

This one applies if you feel certain that your clients are well looked after and don’t require any extra TLC.  Emails are responded to quickly, calls returned swiftly, products dispatched immediately, and feedback is not only obtained but acted upon.


9. You don’t have time

This one is at the end of the list (almost) because, well, it’s not a credible excuse.  We all have the same number of hours in the day and it’s up to you how you prioritise within those 24 hours.  A small amount of time invested up front to build a relationship with your VA is a long-term win. Talking them through various aspects of your business enables them to hit the ground running and to help you more effectively in the long run.  But if you’re too busy then, by all means, continue to struggle alone.


10. You’ve already got one

The only valid justification.  Well done, what a smart cookie.  You have permission to feel really smug at this point and to give yourself a pat on the back.  I hope you’re making good use of all that lovely extra time you now have on your hands.


If none of the above resonates with you and you clearly see the multiple benefits of working with a Virtual Assistant, please do get in touch for a free consultation.