Your mountain of admin looks about as inviting as a hike to the top of Everest. Just the thought of your to-do list is giving you insomnia. In short, you’ve realised you need help. Some frantic Googling directed you to the idea of hiring a Virtual Assistant and now you’re eager to start outsourcing tasks. First, stop for a minute and give yourself a pat on the back. Recognising that you need help is an underestimated trait of a great leader in our opinion. Now for your next challenge – where do you find the best Virtual Assistant for you?

Finding and hiring a Virtual Assistant takes time and effort. As a result, by the time contracts are signed, you’ll want to feel absolutely certain you’ll receive high quality support and the exact skillset that you need.

In this post, we help you to make an important decision that will be critical to the speed and success of your search for support. Do you need a solo Virtual Assistant or the support of a Virtual Assistant company with a team behind it?


First, what’s the difference between a solo Virtual Assistant and a Virtual Assistant team?

There are two main types of Virtual Assistants. Firstly, you have Virtual Assistants working as a member of a Virtual Assistant company. Alternatively, some Virtual Assistants work independently as freelancers. Here, we’ll explain the difference.


Option 1: Solo Virtual Assistant

This involves finding a freelance professional who can offer the precise Virtual Assistant services you need. Your contract is with the individual and they work alone to complete the tasks set. You will likely seek recommendations from colleagues, or perhaps contacts on social media, or carry out a quick Google search to seek someone with the right skillset. It can be a time-consuming task to find the right person and then you need to carry out your due diligence to check they’re fully insured, ICO registered and able to provide those all-important glowing references.

Option 2: Virtual Assistant team

Virtual Assistant companies (like Virtually Priceless) have a team of experienced professionals on hand to help you. Every assistant is sourced and pre-qualified by the company to provide a high-quality pool of support for their clients. Your contract is with the company and they assign their best Virtual Assistant for the services that you need.

At Virtually Priceless, all of our VAs are fully insured, ICO registered and their backgrounds and experience are validated. Should a VA need to take time off for any reason, there are other highly experienced assistants available to pick up the reins immediately.


Benefits of working with a Virtual Assistant team

Working with a Virtual Assistant team definitely has its benefits. Here are a few of them…

1.You get the best Virtual Assistant with minimal effort from you

For example, at Virtually Priceless, we invite all new clients for an initial free consultation. This is an opportunity for you to tell us what you do, what support you need and any priorities you have. We use this information to allocate the right team member(s) to your business. In short, we do the recruitment and selection for you. All our team members are professional career PAs who invest heavily in their own personal development. Not only have they worked at the utmost senior levels of executive support, but they’re also experienced business owners themselves.


2.You get backup when you need it

When you hire a Virtual Assistant, you’re looking for support you can count on. Having access to a team means you don’t have to worry about absenteeism. If your assigned assistant is on holiday or unwell, a fellow team member can step in to provide cover. In these circumstances, any time spent on handovers (or other admin costs) are met by the company, not the client.

Appointing a Virtual Assistant company gives you access to this backup. So, even when an unexpected absence arises, the support you receive is seamless.


3.Additional experience when you need it (and when you don’t)

There’s a wealth of experience in the Virtually Priceless team and this offers many benefits to our clients. If your regular VA doesn’t have an answer to your query or the exact skillset to meet any of your needs, it’s likely another assistant in our team will.

For example, if your main regular requirement is diary management, we’ll select for you a lead VA with a talent for juggling time. However, if you also need an experienced minute-taker to attend your quarterly board meeting, or someone with creative recruitment ideas to support a one-off new talent drive, we can bring in ad hoc additional support when you need it.

In short, having access to a team of Virtual Assistants means you can scale up (or down) the support you receive. This flexibility allows you to get the right support for your business as it changes and grows. This could be to reduce support when you find a permanent staff member or increase it temporarily to cover an unexpected employee absence.


4.Simple, centralised processes

Working with a team, doesn’t mean you won’t receive personalised support. At Virtually Priceless, our Director, Holly Copsey, manages the overall relationship with each client and will make sure you get the support you need. All clients are assigned a lead VA whom they work with on a daily basis. If you need to bring in the skills of another assistant, this can easily be arranged for you. When it comes to invoicing, we simply add additional support to your account – no separate invoices or extra admin is required regardless of how many team members you work with.


Now, let’s find the best Virtual Assistant for you

There’s not a one-size-fits-all answer to finding the best Virtual Assistant. There are some amazing solo Virtual Assistants out there and if you find your perfect fit, you’ll feel like you’ve struck gold. However, clients often come to us because the right freelance support can be difficult and time-consuming to find. In addition, people come and go from roles for all sorts of reasons. With access to an amazing and diverse team at Virtually Priceless, we can take away the time and hassle of the search and selection process and ensure continuity of support for your business.

Are you looking for help to find the best Virtual Assistant to fit your business? Why not arrange a consultation and let us guide you through finding the right support for you?

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