Are you limiting the growth of your business by spending too much time on tasks that are essential but don’t make money for your business? Are you feeling stuck, because there’s simply no-one else in your business you feel you can delegate to? Outsourcing tasks to a freelance Virtual Assistant can be a great option. Here, we continue to answer the question – ‘what does a Virtual Assistant do?’– in this second part of our A-Z guide to our services. If you want a recap of A-M, you can find part one here.




A to Z of Virtual Assistant services: Part 2


N – Nicely Saying No


As much as you’d love to say yes to every event invite, speaker request and enthusiastic intern, it’s not feasible. But spending hours agonising over how to let people down gently is an unnecessary drain on your time. Instead, let us craft that perfect ‘nice no’ on your behalf.


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O – Operations support


The smooth running of your business relies on you providing all the things your employees need to perform their roles. That’s everything from access to IT tools, to finance and payroll, to arranging team events. These are all tasks your Virtual Assistant could do for you.


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P – Private PA support


Family events, moving to a new house, personal appointments, house renovations, school applications… the list goes on. If the burden of life admin is weighing you down, a Virtual Assistant can step in to help you keep on top of things.


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Q – Queries


Do you ever wish you had someone you can trust to firefight all those day-to-day queries for you? A Virtual Assistant can be your go-to person when you need a gatekeeper on your side to not only field the requests you receive but also to raise queries on your behalf.


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R – Recruitment


Do you need help advertising a role, shortlisting candidates or arranging interview slots? And how do you manage the formalities of bringing new staff onboard? Have you considered asking your Virtual Assistant to help you recruit the best talent and give them the smoothest possible start to their employment?


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S – Social media


Showing up consistently and responding promptly is the holy grail of good social media. But there are so many platforms and so little time. Perhaps you need a Virtual Assistant to research, compose and schedule posts for you?


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T – Taking minutes


If you’re a participant in a meeting it’s fairly impossible to write the minutes while also adding valuable contribution to a discussion. Instead, ask your Virtual Assistant to attend to make sure you have an accurate record of the main points covered. This frees you up to concentrate on getting your points across.


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U – Updating records


The need to update records can seem endless. Changes to employee details, adding new contacts to your CRM system, revising your asset register – these are all things that a Virtual Assistant can help you with.


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V – Video conferencing support


With a Virtual Assistant working behind the scenes on your video conference, you can focus all your efforts on delivering the content. From monitoring and responding to chat comments, to managing breakout rooms, we’ll make sure the technical side of the call is taken care of.


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W – Working flexibly


Do you need short-term cover for a gap in your team while you’re recruiting? Or are you seeking a more ongoing solution to your administrative woes? When you hire a Virtual Assistant, you not only choose the tasks you outsource, but you can also increase or decrease the level of support we provide based on what works best for you.


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X – XMAS parties


Or any party really. We can research venues for you, send out invites, deal with all the logistics, and organise those extra special touches that will make your event memorable.


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Y & Z – You time & Zoning out


This is about you being able to take time out from your business. With a Virtual Assistant working for you behind the scenes, you can take a well-earned break knowing we’re keeping things ticking over for you while you’re away.


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Now, what could a Virtual Assistant do for you?


That’s our A-Z complete. Now, it’s over to you. To help you to identify tasks that you may be better to outsource to a Virtual Assistant, follow this simple process:


  1. Make a list of the things you do on a day-to-day basis to keep your business running.
  2. Mark the tasks that are always still on your to-do list at the end of the month.
  3. Underline the activities that you resent doing as they are a drain on your time.
  4. Highlight any duties that you feel are taking you away from growing your business.
  5. And don’t forget to star those pesky chores that you hate doing and would love to delegate to someone else.
  6. Now, hand that list to us and let’s have a chat about how Virtually Priceless could support your business.

How could we help you?

Of course, there are many more tasks a Virtual Assistant could help you with. We’ll cover more in part two of this guide. However, if you have something specific in mind, let’s have a chat about how Virtually Priceless could support your business. We’re always looking for a new challenge and love supporting busy executives like you.

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