Help! I don’t know what support I need

Is your to do list leaving you feeling somewhat swamped? Are you wondering, “but how can a Virtual Assistant help me?” Often, the problem is even though you know you’re desperately in need of support, it doesn’t feel clear what assistance you actually require.

In this post, we want to give you a hand with figuring this out by sharing a simple process. This will help you to identify what tasks you could outsource and also uncover how much time this would free up in your diary.


7 ways a Virtual Assistant can increase your productivity

First of all, a Virtual Assistant can help you in more ways than you probably think. It’s often assumed that a Virtual Assistant only takes on the more traditional aspects of a personal or administrative assistant. However, whilst data entry and inbox management are core tasks you can outsource to your VA, it doesn’t stop there.

There are endless activities you can hire a Virtual Assistant to do for you. You can find out more by taking a browse through our A-Z of Virtual Assistant Services posts (part one and part two.) But to give you an idea of the breadth of support on offer at Virtually Priceless, here we outline seven roles that are commonly covered by our team of Virtual Assistants.


1. General administrative services

For example, you can outsource to your VA data entry, maintaining contact lists, updating records and typing up reports.

2. PA business support

A VA’s role can extend to include the responsibilities of a PA or Executive Assistant. This includes diary and inbox management, arranging meetings, taking minutes, booking travel and hotels… and anything else that helps your professional life run more efficiently.

3. PA personal and lifestyle support

To prevent personal tasks creeping into your working day, a VA can step in and take these tasks off your plate. This can be anything from organising family gifts and arranging appointments, to helping keep your home renovations on track.

4. HR and team management

Your Virtual Assistant can help you to keep on top of the mountain of employee admin involved in recruiting new staff and running a team.

5. Finance

Outsourcing basic bookkeeping, accounting, invoices and credit control to us can feel like a huge weight is lifted from your shoulders.

6. Project management

You can employ the skills of a Virtual Assistant to ensure the smooth running of a project, such as organising an event.

7. Marketing and social media

From social media to email marketing, your VA can help you to run campaigns and professionally engage with your audiences to promote what you do.


How can a Virtual Assistant help me?

What tasks should you outsource? How many hours of support do you need? Our five-step process will help you figure this out.


Step 1: Build a picture of how you spend your time

Make a list of all of the tasks you carry out on a day-to-day basis to keep your business running. This can be a simple brain-dump of everything you do. Don’t know where to start? Maybe consider the areas that take up the most of your time.


Step 2: Where does your time go?

Now, track the time you spend on the tasks on your list over the course of a week. For those that don’t occur on a regular basis, make an estimate. You could do this by keeping a note in your diary as you do them. Or you could complete it retrospectively at the end of each day.


Step 3: Categorise your tasks

Take your list of tasks and now sort them into one of four categories by asking the following questions:

      1. Could someone else do this for you? (Note: Your answer may be a straightforward “yes”, or “yes but with training.”)
      2. Is it something you dislike doing and would love to offload to someone else?
      3. Do you enjoy doing it but deep down know you shouldn’t be devoting so much of your time to it?
      4. Is it a task that only you can do?

Step 4: Now, add up how much time you could save by outsourcing

Anything that fits into categories 1-3 above is a prime task for outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant. So, next add up how much time you spend on these tasks. This gives you a good idea of how much support you might need and how much time it could free up in your diary.


Step 5. Now, hand over your list to a Virtual Assistant

Just imagine how productive you could be if you delegated the tasks that fall into categories 1-3 above to us? With the help of one of our VAs, you could replace all that time you’re clocking up on admin, with proactive business development work, meetings with lucrative new clients… or even gaining some quality time back with your family.

Is it time for you to hire a Virtual Assistant?

If you’re having trouble figuring out what to delegate and where to begin with outsourcing, book a free 30-minute consultation and we can have a chat about how Virtually Priceless could support your business.

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